Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lessons and Learning

I wonder how many ways there are to learn. 

I wonder if every opportunity to learn is essentially the same and that we change. That there aren't fun lessons to learn and painful lessons to learn and sad lessons to learn. That there are only opportunities to learn and people. 

I wonder if saying that a lesson is painful is the same as describing a wind as an angry wind - it's personification of sorts. Then, if these descriptions are not descriptions of the lesson - the lesson only is - then they are descriptive of our relationship to the lesson. 

If so, then these descriptions are a tool. They are indicative of where we are in the process of learning that lesson. When there is pain or sadness, there is a lesson that we have not yet learned. There is a truth that we have not accepted - there is a paradox in our thinking. When there is joy, there is acceptance of what is and therefore we have learned the lesson. 

We can watch ourselves learn and in this way we can be our own guides. I wonder if we can ever actually be lost - that we can only be in denial of what is. 

<Having breakfast with Josh Moore in Steamboat Springs, Paradise.>

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