Monday, August 20, 2012


I can play bebop.  Not like Charlie Parker could play bebop, but as well as any other 27-year-old white guy from Colorado can play bebop.  I can play bebop well enough to love doing it.

That wasn't always the case.   I had a really challenging time learning to play this music.  First, because it's really pretty hard.  Second, because I had a sort of resistance to learning it.  I wanted to play "my own" sounds.  Today, I still want to play "my own" sounds, but I realize now how helpful learning the language of bebop is in helping find those sounds.

This last Sunday, I went to an afternoon jam session run by a great pianist named Scott Martin at a local coffee shop.  Here's a recording from the session.

Scrapple From the Apple - By Charlie Parker

Scott Martin - Piano
Patrick McDevitt - Bass
Alwyn Robinson - Snare Drum
Danny Meyer - Saxophone

Since then, I have been reflecting on why I love playing bebop.  I think it's because it feels like dancing.  I think it's the closest to dancing you can get with two left feet.  Sadly, have two left feet.  Luckily, I have bebop.  

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  1. that sounds really GOOD couldn't have hoped for a better listening experience - sometimes it's scary hearing back something you didn't plan on ever hearing again. but to my ears at least this sounds like real bebop and in the right setting too . thanks for posting!