Friday, July 13, 2012

Music and Living

My path has been to look for how everything can be understood as essentially the same expression. To look for an underlying simplicity in things.

As a musician, I’ve looked at how all of music - regardless of what it sounds like - is of the same simple nature.

First, how the elements of music - harmony, rhythm, form, pitch, etc - are just subtly different expressions of the same thing.

Then, how all of the arts - music, dance, art, etc - are the same.  They are language.

How all languages are the same tool - a way of expressing thinking about living.

Essentially, all of this is just about living, so I looked for how music and life are the same thing. An expression of creation. Divinity.

What I’ve ended up with is this tool that I’ve been building for the last 10 years that allows me to better understand life and thus better understand everything. What I learn as a musician informs my life. What I learn as a person informs my music. I have a tool that allows me clarity to move forward.

The punchline, then, is this:
It doesn’t matter what you do. It only matters that you do it honestly and deeply. Then it becomes a tool. A tool that you can use to find peace, love, joy, and beauty.

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